Student Work: Omaha's Local Music Awards

This is one of my favorite student projects from my Publication Design class.
We were tasked with designing an accordion-fold newsletter for a fictitious non-profit organization who's budget would only allow for a two-color print job. This was great because I originally saw this as a challenge, but I learned a bit more about mixing & maximizing the colors I had to work with.
As for the organization, I created a music award show called, Omaha's Local Music Awards, which would occur once a year to showcase our city's local talent. (I wish this actually existed).
Below, I am showing the covers for the newsletter to focus on the logo lettering design. This newsletter would run three times a year. Each different duotone-colored cover represents a different newsletter for a specific subject series.
I created the LMA logo lettering in Adobe Illustrator. I created the lighting effects using Adobe Phototshop as well as the textures, which were each uniquely crafted to fit each cover's topic.

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