The Joy of Lettering Series

Thinking about the way that the act of drawing and lettering makes me feel is what brought on this wonderful series of the word "Joy". On August 29th 2014, I began making daily posts to my Instagram of the word Joy, each illustrated in a different way. My Instagram series is called #SevenDaysOfJoy
When I draw I feel free and happy. I feel like I can do anything and it is truly a joyful feeling when I am able to do this thing that I love. 
Below is my short Behance series of "Joy".  
Enjoy! :)
Here is my initial pencil sketch that started it all.
This is my first completed vector illustration of the word Joy.
Title: CMYK
Title: Black & White
Title: Stripped
Title: Ghost
Title: Springy
This pattern used in this version of Joy is an Adobe Illustrator 2014 pattern.
Title: Floral
Title: Fun/Party
Title: Joy at Night
Thank you for viewing!

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